Wednesday, August 13, 2014

COD36-A Working Woman Loves Sex

Debra has the call of nature for The BBC. and she doesn't mean TV, as she and her friend, Natalie Nicole, call The Waffle House. 

Hoping to get a "bite" at the Waffle House, Debra calls around for special room rates. 

That elusive escape-artist of a brooch strikes again. While Debra reminisces about a horse. 

Not having any luck with the Waffle House BBC, Debra calls the lonely hearts meetup line with a margarita in hand. 

A little more bargaining for lower room rates for a working woman. 

Natalie Nicole calls for preggers advice and a facility that will accept her guide dog.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

COD35-Debbie Does Bath Salts

Debra calls for abortion procedure advice. But poor Homer gets a lesson of his own.

Black is the new white.

Close encounters of the filth kind at the Waffle House.

You get job make living! Girls are on the menu at Tina's. So is Wisconsin Cheese. Pretty yummay. 

Rover took over and tasted the rainbow... Then flew WAAAAAY over it.

No Justin Bieber in this hot sexy girl!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

COD34-Rub Myself, Dearie!

Debra needs some space! She calls for help on removing junk. 

The 700 Club gets a call about the latest snickers extravaganza. 

Debra's search for help with her unborn child and the subsequent tropical carnage has her calling a help line. 

The Pancake House and other places get verbal visits from Debra's lonely hearts club. 

Debra, being so lonely, decides to fill her time with a little reading material. Slipping a little into her old psychosis, she calls around to find a specific special literary work. 

DK Donuts gets a special request. 

We don't clean, ever.

Debra calls Kirby vacuums and other similar establishments to find a solution for her... Issue.

Carpet cleaner casual encounters. SWF LF "carpet cleaner."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

COD33-Psychic Journey

If god puts his finger on you to donate, you can send an amazon gift card to

Debra ends up in a conversation with a salesman about a "dual purpose" washing machine. 

Debra calls for some advice about her son's Lindsey, Dina and Ali Lohan family addiction. Instead she ends up trying to give her own support through a donation. 

Debra calls a psychic service for help solving a case. She might have shared a little too much with the customer service representative. 

Desperate with getting nowhere, Debra calls a head shop to inquire about a vaporizer to smoke her surplus of a certain material.

Totes MaGoats!

Tired of her western medications not working, Debra calls an herbalist or two looking for something to help a couple of her conditions, one being an urge to... Well, you should listen to find out.

With little help from the herbalists, Debra calls to get information on various massage therapies. The language barrier proves to be an obstacle yet again. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

COD32-Vaginal Mesh

Debra calls around to find a shop that sells unmentionables. But, yet again, she hits a brick wall while searching for that elusive unicorn of a chiffon girdle.  Since Debra can't find a new one locally, she tries her best to find a cleaners to have her old chiffon girdle cleaned.  Debra decides to finally call about that feeshy girdle smell in her tea.  Feeling a push from Jesus to get help from a gay to straight support group for her grandson, Debra calls Family Research Council for information.  Big Debbie takes one more stab at finding a chiffon girdle at Walgreens. She gets more attention than she bargains for.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

COD31-Begger Doodle

Jesus spoke to me last night after a bit of sacrificial wine and a couple of unidentified pills I found on the sidewalk that looked like Jesus. (He wouldn’t lead me astray.) He told me that I must work hard to save you all. His last words before I passed out were, “Tell them to rate you and write a review on iTunes or they are going to purgatory with Gumby and Jerry Falwell!” Do it now or burn!

Debra calls for a massage and facial (of a different kind), but finds an obstacle in her way.  Lindsey? Is that you??

She calls a pregnancy hotline for help. Instead she gets a referral to Hoover, International.

Debra, being the desperate woman she is, calls that old familiar dating hotline to find someone to service her “mattress.” There may have been a gun involved.

Debra finds an amazing moment of clarity where she remembers a rather large donation to the Baker’s ministry to help with a new satellite.  Knowing that the satellite was taken by TBN after the fall of the ministry, Debra calls to get her donation back!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

COD30-Into the Darkness

Now with 20% more Jesus!

Debra's latest psychotic episode is triggered by black mold in her mattress caused by her frequent bed-wetting. She's believes she is at the Winter Olympics where she learns to see herself in a new white light. The diversity she experienced made her want to explore her darker side... "If ya know what I mean. Come on."

When she returns from Sochi, Debra starts her day by wanting to be darker on the outside which leads to a call to an
unknowledgable tanning attendant. Oprah would be proud!

Little Debbie decides to watch a bit of tv and comes across a woman who eats mattresses. Being the kind and caring woman that she is, she calls around to find a 'healthy' mattress to donate to the poor floor-sleeper. 

Debra decides she wants to have a little darkness deep inside, too. She calls for a massage from a dark skinned man. Find out if she gets her chocolate covered happy ending in this episode!

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