COD101 - Launch Your Music Career


I want a dog poop!

Heather shows a stud her guns!

A nice dark and deep voiced man loves apple salads.

5 inches 

Life is like a powder keg

I do declare the burning of Atlanta in the style of Gone with the Wind

Who shot JR in Dallas? 

Working man with normal values that loves Heather GAME

I can help your career he says……

Prolapse daughter

I fell down the stairs

Stacy is on life support but needs her pussy sucked

Heather meets a real man that can help out in the mansion

COD100 - Vacuum Pension


Debra meets a nice man on the chat line.

Debra finds dark love while she is high on chiffon.

Sylvia Brown is alive and kicking it on the chatline.

Mexicans want love too!

Britney Spears private show.

Get out and vote! 

Cowboy loves taking it raw and bareback.

Cowboy take me away!

Stop talking and sing! 

Iron lung.

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Wonderful art by John