COD33-Psychic Journey

Debra ends up in a conversation with a salesman about a "dual purpose" washing machine. 

Debra calls for some advice about her son's Lindsey, Dina and Ali Lohan family addiction. Instead she ends up trying to give her own support through a donation. 

Debra calls a psychic service for help solving a case. She might have shared a little too much with the customer service representative. 

Desperate with getting nowhere, Debra calls a head shop to inquire about a vaporizer to smoke her surplus of a certain material.

Totes MaGoats!

Tired of her western medications not working, Debra calls an herbalist or two looking for something to help a couple of her conditions, one being an urge to... Well, you should listen to find out.

With little help from the herbalists, Debra calls to get information on various massage therapies. The language barrier proves to be an obstacle yet again.