COD34-Rub Myself, Dearie!

Debra needs some space! She calls for help on removing junk. 

The 700 Club gets a call about the latest snickers extravaganza. 

Debra's search for help with her unborn child and the subsequent tropical carnage has her calling a help line. 

The Pancake House and other places get verbal visits from Debra's lonely hearts club. 

Debra, being so lonely, decides to fill her time with a little reading material. Slipping a little into her old psychosis, she calls around to find a specific special literary work. 

DK Donuts gets a special request. 

We don't clean, ever.

Debra calls Kirby vacuums and other similar establishments to find a solution for her... Issue.

Carpet cleaner casual encounters. SWF LF "carpet cleaner."