COD30-Into the Darkness

Now with 20% more Jesus! 

Debra's latest psychotic episode is triggered by black mold in her mattress caused by her frequent bed-wetting. She's believes she is at the Winter Olympics where she learns to see herself in a new white light. The diversity she experienced made her want to explore her darker side... "If ya know what I mean. Come on."

When she returns from Sochi, Debra starts her day by wanting to be darker on the outside which leads to a call to an

unknowledgeable tanning attendant. Oprah would be proud!


Little Debbie decides to watch a bit of tv and comes across a woman who eats mattresses. Being the kind and caring woman that she is, she calls around to find a 'healthy' mattress to donate to the poor floor-sleeper. 

Debra decides she wants to have a little darkness deep inside, too. She calls for a massage from a dark skinned man. Find out if she gets her chocolate covered happy ending in this episode!

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