COD31-Begger Doodle

Jesus spoke to me last night after a bit of sacrificial wine and a couple of unidentified pills I found on the sidewalk that looked like Jesus. (He wouldn’t lead me astray.) He told me that I must work hard to save you all. His last words before I passed out were, “Tell them to rate you and write a review on iTunes or they are going to purgatory with Gumby and Jerry Falwell!” Do it now or burn!

Debra calls for a massage and facial (of a different kind), but finds an obstacle in her way.  Lindsey? Is that you??

She calls a pregnancy hotline for help. Instead she gets a referral to Hoover, International.

Debra, being the desperate woman she is, calls that old familiar dating hotline to find someone to service her “mattress.” There may have been a gun involved.


Debra finds an amazing moment of clarity where she remembers a rather large donation to the Baker’s ministry to help with a new satellite.  Knowing that the satellite was taken by TBN after the fall of the ministry, Debra calls to get her donation back!