COD29-Make Me Squirt!

Our First Lady of Edna's Edibles seeks herbal assistance with a feminine problem. The conversation lends itself to a revelation or two from Debra. Valentine's Day makes it's mark on Debra's drug store crush. Listen to this episode for a surprise ending to this call! The NSA has nothing on Debra's sneaky abilities.

The loss from the death of Debra's dog a few years ago finds it's way back into her life when the stuffing of her deceased canine pops out. She calls through tears to seek help from an expert. 

Debra makes a nervous call to her favorite Chinese place because, once again, she has lost an important heirloom. Unfortunately for The both of them, the language barrier causes a few issues. 

Debra's life-long strange addiction comes to the surface for all to see. She can't take anymore so she calls for guidance. Tune in to find out her secrets!