COD37-Joan River's A-Duck-Tion

This week, Little Debbie is crazier than Ariana Grande's list of performance demands! Fetus is on the menu today as Debra calls yet again for help with her pregnancy psychosis. Debra isn't the only one that leaves this call in a bad mood. Is that normal? After this weird conversation, she realizes she needs to start with her abnormalities for her own sake. Turning to the Lord as always, she calls for prayer for her issues. But before she can get to the heart of the issue, she remembers Joan Rivers' tragic death. Asking for prayer in bringing the doctor's alleged malpractice to justice, the conversation turns to "Murder, Oh God!" Debra needs to 'focus on her family' so she calls to talk to a lovely woman about her school for girls Stuck in her duck-centered psychosis, Little Debbie calls a duck supplier looking for ducklings for sale but instead, she travels miles and miles for some BBC. Traveling through California, Debra calls Motel 666 to get pre-approval to bring her flock of ducks in for a night of fornication and debauchery as mentioned in Revelations. Maybe one or two would be ok. Joan Rivers would be proud. Not finding any help with the ministry, Debra calls a psychiatric hospital for help. But it's hard to find the right Christian based organization. So she gives up again. But not before she brings up the Iggy Azalea Sex Tape!. Thinking she just needs to take it one problem at a time, Debra has a crippling a-duck-tion and calls a sex addiction hotline. Taking every opportunity, Debra is curious about job openings. "Dappra" falls right back into her pregnancy delusion from the state of Ducks, USA, and calls yet another hotline for help. The language barrier is a bit of a hinderance. The ducks aren't helping.