Debra calls Bath & Body Works looking for a Chiffon scent for her nether regions so she will not attract so many pets. Her math skills are put to the test figuring out the Black Friday sale math. Debra's Thanksgiving guest, Brother Boy calls for prayer about his homosexual tendencies. His doctor doesn't seem to be helping much with her techniques. It might take a bit of witchcraft to solve these problems! Oh-Kayeeee! Jo-ann's Fabrics sells chiffon to make a girdle so Debbie calls to see if there is a Black Friday sale. Confusion sets in when she asks if her seeing eye duck allowed. A second call is needed to find a fabric that doesn't stain. Carrier pigeons are the new text message as a prolapse pregnancy hotline employee gives numbers for help with Debra's predicament, but little other info is given as she asks for help for brother boy dressing like Tammy Wynette. Debbie may have been in the holiday libation a bit too much.