COD56-Fuck Me Kim Davis

◦ Little kid fingers are on the menu for Debbie tonight. 

◦ A California head shop gets a call from Debra in her never ending quest to find a fix of Chiffon. 

◦ A pregnant Heather calls for helpful advice. She's soooo worried about the future... Of her

thespianic career.


◦ Debra talks to Heather's school friend while she's taking the trash out. Debra may need to take out some trash of her own. 

◦ A new chat line friend doesn't seem to believe dear Debra is 25. Too much old-school porn?

◦ Your swollen chicken?

◦ A medical issue interferes with one of Debra's conversations. Gotta make that cream!

◦ Heather finds a kindred soul who takes great pleasure in Kim Davis role play. 

◦ Sex, whatchoo know about sex? 

◦ Ms. Dita, put me in a trance. Louder!

◦ Grandma goes on a "trip."