COD57-Space Diva

Debra tries a new cat food she found at PetCo. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for as PetCo representatives find out when they get a call from Debra and her misbehaving kittens. Not getting anywhere, Debra decides to try to calm them down by buying some catnip. She just needs to know the legal limit she can buy. She might even want a little for herself. Hoping an addition to the family might serve to calm down her clowder of feline furballs, Debra buys a kitten for her grandson. Unfortunately, he points out that this new furry friend isn't actually a cat! Not having any luck with the new "kitten" calming down her brood, Debra sadly decides to find some of them a new "home." The language barrier tends to be a big issue though, so Debra tries to find a way around it with technology, being the big techie that she is. The stress and anxiety of the day finds Debra looking for a little relaxation in the form of a massage so she calls to find out how they might deal with her medical condition. Heather makes an appearance when she calls to find a new employer in the form of acting/modeling. She doesn't do math, though. Debra knocks Heather to the curb when she comes back to call about a bad experience with a "hot" meal at a local Asian food establishment. Debra decides she needs a mini-vacay so she calls around to find rates of rooms that meet her special accommodations. While she's already making arrangements, she decides to just go ahead and book her room for the Chiffon Convention coming up. Debra wants to take this moment to dedicate this show and all her worldly belongings including her tech gadgets (except the apple watch because who wants that crap) and cash to her dear, funny friend, BW who takes valuable time out of his busy, full schedule to create cover art and show notes for Debra. She trusts his talent so much that she often doesn't even read her own show notes before posting. Anticipating her upcoming tan and massage session, Debra decides to treat her sistie, Cheryl, to a tanning session, but a "real" "burning" one. She makes sure that they can also accommodate Cheryl's medical condition. Debra has the uninformed lady google the condition.